GPS Confirms Parolee’s Location At Burglarized House

Kristin Dacosta, 30, of Dartmouth, Massachusetts, is facing charges for larceny over $250 and for breaking and entering in the daytime while attempting to commit a felony, according to Police Chief Joseph Ferreira.  

This may sound like just another story. There is more. Dacosta, a parolee, is facing charges because of the GPS data her tracking system, mandated and monitored by the State of Massachusetts Probation Service, provided police.

On June 24, a jewelry theft was reported. The home owner was unaware of when the home invasion and robbery occurred.

A New Bedford detective was able to answer that question. The detective reported that Dacosta had been tracked to the home a few days earlier.

“She had gained access through a southeast window, and the GPS tracking system identified exactly where she was located,” Ferreira said. “It doesn’t make sense that someone would think that no one is watching,” he said.

Fortunately for the jewelry owner, most of the stolen items were recovered from local pawn shops.

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