GPS Aids Police in Finding Stolen Truck and Thieves

Responding to a witness’ call about an attempted ATM theft, the Minnehaha County (South Dakota) Sheriffs started searching for the observed get-away truck. By the time the vehicle was found, it was abandoned.

Police received another call. Midwestern Mechanical reported one of their trucks was stolen. Because Midwestern Mechanical equipped all its fleet vehicles with a GPS tracking system, police soon found the missing truck. It was occupied. The chase began!

With the tracking system mapping the truck’s location, it was easy to find. Police caught up to the truck in a South Dakota cornfield. The suspect quickly abandoned the truck and fled on foot.

A few hours later, with the aid of two airplanes, Tyson Wessels, 34, of Chancellor, South Dakota, was caught. Wessels faces aggravated assault and third-degree burglary. His accomplice, Marie Wessels, 30, also of Chancellor, was charged with possession of burglary tools. She was caught after having been stopped in another vehicle.

Source:; Photo: Brent Hathaway