Goose Feature Update Helps You Get More Done!

Our customers asked, and we delivered! The new Goose v5 is here. It includes new functionalities and improvements to enhance dispatching to the Goose Mobile Application, including enhanced route planning, improved customer experience, enhanced communication, and new workforce management features.  These features are all available for Goose dispatching users, and we are working on migrating all of our fleet- management features to v5. 

Dispatching Levels Up

You will no longer have to spend 25% of your time planning routes and dispatching. With our new v5 updates, you can plan routes quickly. You can now optimize routes based on traffic predictions, stop and travel times, and even employee breaks.

Updated route builder –

We’ve combined the route builder into the dispatch view, and now all routes are managed on one screen, making it quicker and easier to plan your drivers’ workday.  Edit scheduled and dispatched stops and drastically improve response time on emergency calls.

Traffic predictions –

Our route optimization feature now includes predictive traffic. It will forecast travel times between stops based on the location and time of day, significantly improving route planning in congested cities.

Stop and travel times –

You can now input stop durations and view travel times, allowing for more accurate predictions in the amount of time it will take your drivers to complete all of their jobs for the day. Easily add breaks into the drivers’ routes, which also help you estimate total work hours.

New and Improved Customer Service

It is no surprise that customer experience is the top priority for every business in 2021; 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for great customer service.  Create customer loyalty and grow your business with eta alerts, proof of service, and more.

One-click ETA alerts –

Let your customers know exactly when they can expect your delivery or service provider to arrive. Your customer can see the location of the tech/delivery driver on a map, as well as their picture. Customers can also message the driver if they need to communicate with them.

Proof of service/contactless delivery –

Take pictures of completed work or delivery, capture signatures, barcodes, or other notes. These can be sent directly to your customers, letting them know the job’s status or delivery.

Client feedback –

Make it easy for your customers to leave reviews on your goods or services. Establish your reputation as a business and improve customer satisfaction.

Stay in the Loop With Your Drivers

You can now communicate with your drivers in the field with persistent two-way messaging. We’ve moved this functionality to the top of all pages within the app, and you can now read inbound and send outbound messages from any page within the website.

Messaging –

Send messages to all drivers, groups of drivers, or individual drivers from any page in the app.

Message history report –

Review past message records and improve accountability.

Manage Your Workforce

Help your workers get to where they need to be when they need to be there. Edit and create time-clock entries and new time cards for drivers. Have confidence in knowing where all your assets are at any time—group drivers based on service area, skills, or certifications with enhanced driver profiles.

More driver data –

Add your drivers’ home addresses, service area, skills, certifications, pictures, and enable or disable mobile features through our web app.

Add and edit time-clock records –

Make adjustments to time-clock records if a driver forgets to clock in or out. Easily view audit logs of the user who make the change and the old values for auditing purposes.

Mobile time-clock –

Drivers clock in or out through the app, giving them the ability to start and end their day from anywhere. Know precisely where each driver clocks in or out with cell phone tracking.

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