FieldLogix Releases Enhanced Driver Behavior Center

[San Diego, CA – March 12, 2021] FieldLogix users now have access to several new features in the Driver Behavior Center to more efficiently monitor and manage their fleet.

This is the newest release of a suite of features that will help promote safety and assist managers in catching and preventing future dangerous driving habits and behavior.

Comparing the behavior of a large fleet of drivers is often difficult to do without creating elaborate spreadsheets. To address this, we created a driver scorecard that ranks drivers on a scale of 1 to 100 based on their driving behavior. It gives fleet managers a simple one-stop report to pull the data they need to correct bad habits that create liabilities.

Another challenge that fleet managers face when evaluating fleet safety is how their drivers compare to other organizations.  This lack of a “benchmark” bewilders fleet managers when trying to determine whether their drivers’ habits are acceptable or out of line with industry norms.  Now, with the Driver Behavior Center, managers can better compare the safety of each driver to benchmarks set by peers and other fleets in the same region and/or industry.

This includes driver scoring based on:


  • aggressive driving events
  • posted speed limit violations
  • maximum speeding events
  • industry standards
  • and more!

The current release is the start of a new phase of safety-related features designed to improve driver safety and reduce fleet liabilities.

“Helping fleets GET MORE DONE is a constant focus of our organization”, says FieldLogix Chief Service Promoter, Yukon Palmer.   “We do this by providing an innovative solution, backed by the best customer support in the industry. This very innovative set of new features were conceived by listening to the needs of our customers and creating a suite of features that address these needs.  We believe that this ambitious feature release will dramatically assist our fleet customers in improving driver safety.”

About FieldLogix

Since 2002, FieldLogix has been one of the more enduring and efficient Field Resource Management companies in the industry. With a focus on automating processes to improve the customer’s experience and developing user-friendly and reliable products, FieldLogix has grown rapidly to become a leading fleet management & mobility provider. FieldLogix has been profiled in numerous publications and selected as one of the 10 Most Innovative Fleet Management providers by Insights Success magazine. Their dedication to their customers’ experience is the reason for their accomplishments and continues to drive their future success.

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