Gas Prices Rise Over 38 Cents in One Month

AAA-State-Avg-Gas-PriceGas prices are high and are expected to stay that way for the next few months. A gallon of regular gas in the USA averaged $3.549 on Monday March 21, 2011,  almost 38 cents more than one month ago, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report.

Gas prices have steadily been on the rise. One month ago, gas prices were at  $3.163. One year ago gas prices were at $2.820, which is 73 cents less than today.

One week ago, gas prices were at  $3.558 so prices have eased up a bit over the last few days.

The civil war in Libya is heating up as the US started bombing Libya this weekend. Political tension in the Middle East is going to continue to add pressure on gas prices. Threats to oil production have increased the odds that gas will cost $4 a gallon during the summer and heavier travel months.

Here in San Diego, it’s quite difficult to find a gallon of unleaded regular gas for less than $3.99 a gallon.  The highest gas prices in the country were in San Francisco at $3.97. The lowest was at $3.27 in Billings, Montana. In California, the lowest average price for gas was $3.87 in Fresno.


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