Gas Prices May Hit $5 By Summer 2011

Gas prices in San Diego have been very high lately.  The current average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas in the US, according to AAA, is $3.547. In California, the average is $3.969.  It’s going to be hard to find a gallon of unleaded regular gas for less than $4 a gallon this Spring in California.

The Utility Consumers’ Action Network (UCAN) tracks gas prices at hundreds of gas stations in San Diego. Charles Langley of UCAN said he was uncertain about where gas prices are heading, but it wouldn’t surprise him if the price topped $5.00 a gallon this summer, according to KPBS.

As the war in Libya escalates, no one knows how high gas prices are headed. The severe price increases are rippling throughout the economy. Everyone from consumers to small businesses to large corporations are paying attention to oil and gas prices lately.  It affects a lot of people.

How are higher gas prices affecting you? What are you doing to cope? Driving less? Car pooling? Telecommuting? Stay-cations instead of vacations?

Leave a comment and let us know….

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