Frito Lay Acknowledges Million Mile Fleet Drivers

frito lay fleetThis year, six drivers who operate fleet vehicles for Frito-Lay North America exceeded more than 3 million accident-free miles and 24 fleet drivers surpassed 2 million miles. Together, they are just a handful of the 106 drivers in Canada and the U.S to be recognized by the company for driving more than 1 million miles accident-free.

Frito Lay hosted a gala in Dallas, Texas to show appreciation for the Million Mile safe drivers. Bill Simkins, director of fleet safety for the company, claims it operates one of the “safest fleets in North America,” and says their drivers “complete extensive driver training and skills development and consider safety to be their number one priority.” The program, in conjunction with other safety efforts, has lead to a 44% decrease in accidents since 2006.

Fleet drivers for the company undergo regular training, including advanced driving simulators and skill maneuvering courses. According to Frito Lay, it takes a driver 12 years to hit one million miles on average. Currently, there are over 650 Million Milers employed by the company.

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