Fortune 500 Logistics Firm Deploys Container Tracking System

An unnamed Fortune 500 logistics service providers has executed a multi-year contract with I.D. Systems, Inc. to deploy its container tracking system, VeriWise Track & Trace, across a fleet of intermodal containers.

From the moment a container’s trip begins, the container tracking system is activated, adding details, images, comments and delivery updates as the cargo makes its way to its destination. With this cutting-edge tracking system, full information about the status of the shipment is available 24/7.

One of the largest logistics providers in the world acquired the VeriWise tracking system to optimize its investment in a new fleet of intermodal containers. The tracking system will monitor container locations and provide web-based reports to optimize fleet pooling and dispatching. It will also dynamically update the status of in-transit loads and proactively identify and correct any gaps in customer service expectations.

The VeriWise tracking system provides real-time location and status data to improve the efficiency and security of trailer and container fleets. It is designed for quick, flexible installation on a wide range of cargo-carrying assets, with patented power management to provide exceptionally long battery life and years of maintenance-free operation.

“The reliable effectiveness of our Track & Trace tracking system drives significant operational efficiencies and customer service benefits for logistics companies,” said Darryl Miller, Chief Operating Officer of I.D. Systems. “The ease and quality of our device installation was also critical for this customer. With a large fleet of intermodal containers that travel by both truck and rail, the system had to be installed cost effectively, yet survive reliably through every conceivable kind of environmental condition.”

The total contract value is approximately $330,000.

Source: Market Watch


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