5 Benefits of Fleet Tracking

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Regardless of company size or the number of fleet vehicles on the roads, every business that operates a fleet can benefit from GPS fleet tracking. Wondering how? Here are the main 5 benefits of fleet tracking:

1st Benefit: Pinpoint a fleet vehicle, anytime and anywhere.

The most obvious benefit to GPS tracking is being able to locate a company vehicle whenever and wherever for whatever reason. For companies that rely heavily on schedule pick-ups and deliveries, being able to give a customer or client an exact delivery time is priceless. Companies that rely on deliveries of raw materials can track a delivery in real-time and plan production schedules, adjust timelines, and revise budgets as needed.

2nd Benefit: Improved driver safety.

GPS tracking has also improved driver safety. If a driver has a problem on the road the company can find his exact location and dispatch help. Some telematics systems also include real-time diagnostic information alerting drivers and managers to problems that need attention immediately before the become a serious issue.

3rd Benefit: Better maintenance.

Speaking of real-time diagnostics, fleet tracking can also help managers stay on top of engine use, idling time, and mileage among other things. It’s easier for managers to keep vehicles properly maintained resulting in fewer mechanical problems that could potentially delay business.

4th Benefit: Reduced insurance costs.

Typically, when a business installs GPS tracking on fleets insurance companies are willing to offer a discount on premiums. Insurance companies not only want to incentivize companies, but with GPS tracking they can ensure your drivers are safe when on the roadways.

5th Benefit: Decrease overall operating costs.

With fleet tracking, companies can put an end to unauthorized vehicle usage, reduce gas consumption, improve safe driving practices, and pinpoint trouble spots, like hard braking, among other things. These insights lead to significant overall savings.

Interested in finding out how much GPS fleet tracking can save you? Give FieldLogix a call at (888) 803-0200. WIth our environmentally-friendly eco-matics not only will you improve driver safety, decrease costs, and increase overall efficacy, you’ll build trust among customers.

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