Fleet GPS Tracking System Solutions

fleet GPS tracking systemThousands of companies across the U.S., from corporate giants like FedEx (FDX) and UPS, down to small businesses like Conway’s Flowers, are using GPS tracking technology to cut costs, become more efficient, and improve customer service and vehicle maintenance. FedEx for many years has used a GPS fleet tracking system to make their fleet operations even more efficient than they already are.

A GPS fleet tracking system can help to monitor workers, reduce fuel consumption, navigate shorter or better routes for drivers, track stolen vehicles, obtain discounts on insurance and offers other features such as time sheet reporting and mileage claims to enhance customer service and satisfaction.

Fleet GPS tracking systems are extremely useful in monitoring amount of fuel used by drivers during their job runs. Fuel wastage results usually from various factors such as excessive speeding, unnecessary idling and taking a longer than necessary route.

GPS fleet tracking systems generate reports and notification alerts that clearly indicate times when the vehicle has been idling for too long or when the driver was speeding or the vehicle was not where it was supposed to be. Monitoring this type of information provides an opportunity for fleet managers to correct these types of issues.

You can confront drivers who indulge in over speeding as you will know the exact time and location where it occurred. GPS fleet tracking systems also help you ascertain the route taking to a particular destination and offer alternate short route suggestions. You can then instruct the driver to use the shorter route and save on fuel consumption and produce less vehicle greenhouse gas emissions.

GPS fleet tracking systems can help companies ‘go green’ because reducing mileage not only burns less fuel but it produces less vehicle emissions and  pollution. United Postal Service (UPS) has over 2,200 alternative fuel vehicles, which is the largest green fleet in the industry.

8 Reasons to Use a Fleet GPS Tracking System:

  1. Dramatically reduce fleet miles and driver overtime to generate greater profitability.
  2. Reduce the Amount of Time in Takes for Dispatcher’s to Route the Closest Driver.
  3. Help Drivers Get to Their Destinations Without Hitting Traffic or Getting Lost.
  4. Reduced Response Time Means Happier Customers and More Revenues.
  5. Send New Job and Job Changes Directly to the Driver’s GPS Fleet Tracking Device.
  6. Monitor Driver’s Status as They Complete Work.
  7. Maximize driver and equipment productivity.
  8. Instantly Text Drivers On The Go.