FieldLogix Releases NEW Mobile Vehicle Inspection Form

[San Diego, CA – May 18, 2021] FieldLogix has added another safety feature to its long list of Field Resource Management offerings. The new, digital Vehicle Inspection Form allows fleet drivers to perform and record vehicle inspections before and/or after their shifts.

Employees have the capability to record and report everything from a slow tire leak to a broken taillight in order to ensure that the vehicles they operate are well-maintained and as safe as possible. Once the Vehicle Inspection Form is submitted, fleet managers will be able to view any discovered issues in an online report. This new feature gives fleet managers the ability to discover and address any safety-related vehicle issues much more quickly and reduce the likelihood of costly accidents.

“While the concept of performing a vehicle inspection isn’t new, creating a digital one specifically focused on the safety of the fleet driver is. Our goal is to create features that don’t only improve the life of fleet vehicles, but help fleet managers become aware of small maintenance issues within their fleets before they turn into big, expensive problems,” says Yukon Palmer, Founder, and CEO of FieldLogix.

This is just one of the many features FieldLogix has created to ensure your fleet is operating efficiently, staying safe, and staying on the road and out of the shop!

About FieldLogix
Since 2002, FieldLogix has been one of the more enduring and efficient Field Resource Management companies in the industry. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) company helps organizations improve the monitoring and managing of their mobile and fixed assets. FieldLogix has grown rapidly to become a leading fleet management & mobility provider. FieldLogix has been profiled in numerous publications and selected as one of the 10 Most Innovative Fleet Management providers by Insights Success magazine. Their dedication to their customers’ experience is the reason for their accomplishments and continues to drive their future success. With FieldLogix, businesses save money, improve efficiency, and get more done!

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