What is Field Resource Management?

Field Resource management is an all-in-one solution that encompasses GPS Fleet & Asset Tracking and Workforce Management.  At FieldLogix, we offer the best of GPS fleet tracking and workforce management in one solution to help you manage all of your resources in the field. Our innovative features are designed to help you complete more jobs, reduce fuel consumption, and optimize your fleet’s performance. You can monitor our company-owned vehicles, your field employees in their personal vehicles, and all of your off-road equipment.

GPS Fleet Management

Real-Time Tracking – stay on top of your fleet’s locations with our best-in-class Google-powered maps!

  • Very user-friendly
  • Auto-refresh with current locations
  • Find the closest vehicle
  • and more…
  • Driver Safety Monitoring – cut your liabilities by improving driving habits!

  • Aggressive driving monitoring
  • Posted speed limit violation alerts
  • Optional in-cab safety alerts
  • and more…
  • Fuel Efficiency Monitoring – ensure resources aren’t being wasted!

  • Estimates fuel costs for wasteful habits
  • Ranks best & worst performers
  • Monitors speeding, idling, etc
  • and more…
  • Vehicle Health Monitoring – keep your vehicles on the road & out of the shop!

  • Monitor critical vehicle engine data such as check engine light status
  • Average MPG
  • Battery voltage
  • and more…
  • Fleet idling and speeding are often the results of unchecked driver habits that unnecessarily waste fuel. Without a fleet management solution, it is nearly impossible to monitor these wasteful habits in order to take corrective action to curb them.

    Receive alerts when fleet vehicles violate your idling and speeding rules. View your drivers’ idling and speeding habits compared to their peers and view trends over time.

    Did you know that a fleet breakdown can cost your fleet $634 per day? According to Automotive Fleet, the cost for fleet breakdowns can grow even higher when you factor in rental vehicle costs, canceled jobs, and repair costs. Our fleet management system can help you stay on top of the health of your vehicles to ensure that they stay on the road and out of the shop!

    This allows you to stay on top of your fleet’s performance and take action to make repairs proactively to avoid costly downtime.

    Schedule maintenance reminders and get alerts when your vehicles are approaching your service intervals. You can set unlimited reminders for oil changes, tire rotations, and any other service work that you need. Properly monitoring vehicle health and maintenance needs will save your fleet thousands of dollars per year.

    Workforce Management

    Time Clock & Tracking – monitor the current and past activities of your mobile workforce!

  • Improve supervision & communication
  • Say goodbye to paper timesheets
  • Improve payroll accuracy
  • and more…
  • Mobile Dispatching – optimize routes with ease!

  • Build optimal routes
  • Track jobs in real-time
  • Complete more jobs each day
  • and more…
  • Proof of Service – eliminate disputes!

  • Custom job forms
  • Capture signatures, photos, and log notes for each job
  • Job completion/delivery completion available in real-time
  • and more…
  • Two-way Communication – call or text your remote workers on the fly!

  • Improve communication within our app, now available on the Apple Watch
  • View the current locations and statuses of your workers
  • Provide your workers all the necessary details needed to complete their jobs
  • and more…
  • Our innovative workforce management solution helps you plan your field employee’s workday, send ETA’s to clients, and GET MORE DONE!

    Four-hour arrival windows are so 2000! Our solution tells your customers when your workers are en-route so they know when to expect them.

    FieldLogix makes creating optimal routes a breeze. Your dispatchers no longer have to make the best guesses when setting up daily routes. They can track workers as they complete their workday and communicate with them.

    Help your workers get to where they need to be when they need to be there. Our solution gives them all the details they need for their jobs as well as how to get there.

    For more information, click here for a downloadable pdf.

    Talk to one of our solution experts to find out more!

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