FieldLogix Celebrates 14 Year Anniversary

FLX logo-circleFieldLogix is proud to announce our 14 year anniversary as a company! What started as an idea “To help others use the least amount of energy to accomplish their goals” has turned into reality over the last 14 years. Since 2002 we’ve prioritized business ethics and have evolved into a highly recognized and respectable company that continuously revolutionizes fleet management.

Thank you to our talented team for contributing to groundbreaking innovations such as our mobile application, Goose! Our team constantly creates and implements new features into our system to promote a better user experience. The ambition and creativity have been endless within the company and we look forward to seeing where we take the future of FieldLogix and GPS fleet tracking!

About FieldLogix

We are proud to provide an award-winning GPS fleet management solution to companies of all types and sizes,throughout all North America. With our user-friendly tools, FieldLogix helps User’s improve their customer service with one of the first ETA delivery notifications in dispatching. Our GPS fleet management solutions help companies reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions, making for Greener and more Eco-Friendly Fleets. To find out more about FieldLogix please contact us at  

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