FieldLogix Celebrates 10 Years of Service

FieldLogix Celebrates 10 Years of Service

SAN DIEGO – July 1, 2012 – FieldLogix celebrated its 10th year of being a Green GPS Tracking solution provider for small to mid-sized businesses throughout Canada, Mexico, and the United States. The solutions are designed to reduce fleet fuel consumption and improve productivity. To accomplish this, FieldLogix provides Green Driving features that help users quickly see increases in profitability, performance, and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Even small fleets save thousands of dollars per vehicle each year.

Originally, FieldLogix was born from a business plan drafted in a graduate school program. Upon completing the project, the founder dreamed of executing his plan and working for himself. After a decade of hard work, occasional headaches, and the support of both employees and family, his company, FieldLogix celebrated its tenth anniversary.

To help commemorate the occasion, the staff utilized their cell phone GPS mapping devices on a scavenger hunt to several local historic sites, leading to the final destination, dinner with the entire team at The Melting Pot. During dinner, the team shared stories about the ups and downs of the company’s history, and discussed the company’s future plans. To see just how much everyone enjoyed the day, check out the pictures on Facebook.

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