Domino’s Pizza Bringing GPS Tracking to Delivery


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Domino’s Pizza has announced it’s installing GPS tracking systems in all of its delivery vehicles. In Australia, their pizza tracking system can actually be Chromecast on the TV.

Currently, it takes just five clicks to order a pizza, and after payment tokenization (using unique symbols to replace sensitive data like credit card numbers) is implemented it will take just four.

Nearly 60-percent of Domino’s purchases are made online, making a streamlined process for ordering pizza and tracking it incredibly important if they hope to garner more of the market share and increase their online orders to 80-percent within the next three years.

“We know a huge percentage of customers want to access our brand through technology so we need to make sure we fit into their lives – anywhere, anytime. Quick Ordering helps us make it easier for our customers to do this,” says Domino’s chief digital officer Michael Gillespie.


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