City Council Agrees To Purchase GPS Fleet Tracking Devices For Entire Fleet

GPS fleet tracking devices have become very helpful for Municipalities looking to trim costs and improve operations. Faced with the impact of rising fuel costs on the city budget, local leaders are realizing the importance of “going green” and utilizing a fleet GPS tracking system.

On Monday the Missoula City Council decided to invest in 52 GPS fleet tracking devices for the city’s fleet of vehicles, according to the Missoulian Newspaper. The City will purchase the fleet GPS devices for $16,000, but the units won’t actually cost the taxpayers a dime. The City is using funds from a federal green energy grant to cover the entire cost. The city, however, will be on the hook for $14,652 a year in service fees for the GPS tracking devices.

Fleet management and City officials believe that the fleet tracking devices will save the City over $7,000 annually.

Chief administrative officer, Bruce Bender, told the Missoulian “the GPS fleet tracking devices.. should be….an industry standard to ensure crews are as productive with time and efficient on routes as possible.” Another City Councilman, Bob Jaffe, also expressed his support for the GPS fleet tracking units. He said, “It makes perfect sense to use the tracker to manage people who are out and about on City Hall business and the taxpayers’ dime.”


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