More Car Rental Companies Adding Exotic Fleets

Car rental companies have been ramping up their fleets in the last few years by adding an array of exotic vehicles. Lots no longer offer just the standard compact, mid-size, and SUV’s.  Now, renters can get behind the wheel a dream car like a Ferrari, Bentley, Tesla, Aston Martin, or Lamborghini.

Last year, Hertz launched Dream Cars at 35 locations while Enterprise offers the Exotic Collection at 13 locations. The exotic cars in the rental fleet don’t come cheap, however. A Ferrari runs about $900 per day while a Rolls Royce will cost about $2,200.

Not only do these fancy fleets offer the average consumer a chance to feel like king for a day, some customers see the rental as an extended test drive. Renters with pockets deep enough to afford an exotic car are taking advantage of the rentals to decide which exotic car is best for them.

And how do these rental companies ensure their pricey product is well-maintained in a renter’s hands? A hefty deposit and/or insurance plan with coverage to replace the car if damaged.

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