Beluvv Puppy GPS Tracker Uses Bluetooth to Find Pet

Pet GPS Trackers are certainly nothing new to the market, but Beluvv offers an alternative to the usual GPS tracker. The Puppy Tracker attaches to a pup’s collar, is water resistant, and uses Bluetooth technology rather than GPS or cellular technology.

Using only Bluetooth means a longer battery life and smaller overall size.  It also means that, unlike GPS trackers, the user can’t just open an app to see where their pet is.  Instead, this tracker relies on the owner’s friends, neighbors, and smartphones to pick up the wayward pet’s signal.

The upside, in addition to size and battery life, is a much lower price tag. Other pet trackers can easily cost $100 or more and typically require a monthly subscription service. The Puppy Tracker is just $29.95 and an ideal solution for pet owners looking for an easy way to keep tabs on a pet in off leash areas.

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