Could BAC Monitoring Technology Become a Fleet Standard?

A recent survey conducted by National Windscreens, a UK-based automotive repair company, shows nearly 84 percent of motorists are in favor of technology that would immobilize a vehicle if senors in the car detect the driver has exceeded the legal BAC level.
When purchasing a new car, 66 percent of respondents said they would specifically request the technology in their new car, largely due to significantly reduced insurance premiums.
The number of people in support of BAC detection symptoms is more than double the number who support technology that could make it impossible to drive faster than the speed limit. Just 39 percent of people support technology to cap the speed of a car. The study comes on the heels of a BAC limit reduction in Scotland.
Alcohol detection technology was the second most popular answer when respondents were asked what safety technology would lead to the largest reduction in traffic accidents. It came in just two percent behind Autonomous Emergency Breaking.

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