803% Increase In FieldLogix Sales Over The Past 6 Months

San Diego , CA – January 31, 2008 – Field Technologies announces that it has increased sales of its FieldLogix units by 803% over the last 6 month period. The combination of a user-friendly interface, affordable equipment, and advanced notification features allowed the company to increase FieldLogix sales significantly. In fact, sales of FieldLogix have significantly outpaced those of the legacy products that the company resold during the same time period.

“Creating FieldLogix was a long-envisioned dream of ours. As a former reseller, we saw first hand what everyone else in our industry was doing and knew that we could do much better. We commenced development of FieldLogix in May of 2006 and experienced many of the challenges associated with developing a product that we wanted to be superior to everything else in the market. This significant sales increase is a testament to our patience and determination. With many more advanced features in our development plan, we are confident that FieldLogix will eventually become the standard in GPS fleet tracking”.

About Field Technologies: Field Technologies provides GPS tracking systems to companies throughout the US. The company provides products that operate with technologies developed by industry leaders such as Microsoft, Motorola, T-Mobile, AT&T Wireless, and ESRI. Due to our industry leading methods of sales consultation and customer support, Field Technologies has continued to grow dramatically and has GPS devices installed in thousands of vehicles nationwide.

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