How to add GPS Tracking to Your Fleet Management Solutions

Invasion of privacy is a primary concern that many employees have with GPS fleet tracking. However, companies and employees can both benefit equally. How a company introduces GPS fleet solutions to employees can help ease the process. Here’s why:1

Honesty about GPS installation improves worker performance quicker
Notifying employees will help the poorest performing drivers improve their behaviors. Then, for the good workers, GPS fleet logistics data will reveal their performance, and therefore their work quality will no longer go unnoticed. Presenting the news will allow questions and more comfort  when all of the facts are given. If there is a question that you are unable to answer, getting back to  them with the information will reinforce their belief that you are being honest with them.

What is the system?

Informing how the system works step-by-step is resourceful for employees to comprehend logistics. Explain how there is a “Black box” type device install inside the vehicles that record all driving activities throughout the day. New tools also help you optimize routes and reduce fuel usage. Improved communication is improved for both driver and the dispatcher. The vehicle’s information is processed and analyzed into the system. Behavior trends, future projections and additional analytics are provided to increase fleet efficiency .

Policies to help

Many companies craft monitoring policies including statements such as:

  • Employees should have no expectation of privacy while utilizing company assets
  • Description of appropriate use of company assets
  • Providing a notice to all employees notifying them of the company’s electronic monitoring practices
  • Describing detailed penalties for misuse of company assets

Crafting appropriate policies will improve employee understanding of  the organization’s goals and objectives.

For more details on creating an employee monitoring policy, click here

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