AAA Fuel Data Says Gas Prices Have Increased 43 Cents Since Last Month

Unless you’ve been living in a hole for the past month, you’ve noticed that recently gas prices have skyrocketed. Here is some excellent gas price data, according to AAA Fuel Gauge Report, and Oil Price Information Service in cooperation with Wright Express. The current national average for one gallon of regular unleaded gas is $3.542. AAA-Nat-Avg-Fuel-Prices-3.11.2011

Gas prices are up 76 cents a gallon from a year ago. Libya’s civil war in North Africa and lingering anxiety over potential political unrest in oil-rich Middle East nations is a huge reason for the price increase.

Gas is more expensive on the West Coast than any other place in the US.  AAA-State-Avg-Gas-PriceOne month ago, the national average gas price was at $3.115. Gas prices today are at $3.542, an increase of nearly 43 cents.


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