4 Seasons Landscaping Uses FieldLogix Fleet GPS to Reduce Fuel Expenses

Fleet GPS tracking technology can be one of the most cost effective means to manage fuel consumption. A GPS fleet management system can help the average fleet reduce fuel costs by up to 20%.

FieldLogix fleet GPS can put a spotlight on a driver’s habits that consume excessive fuel and emit unnecessary pollution.

According to Jonathan Haar of 4 Seasons Landscape Services, “I am so pleased with FieldLogix. It is an awesome product with an excellent installation process and incredible service…. We initially focused on drivers’ habits such as speed and idle time that have a huge impact on fuel usage. However, we were also able to use FieldLogix to improve routing. By making more efficient use of our vehicles, we lowered the average number of miles driven per vehicle, further reducing our fuel expenses.”

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Five Ways FieldLogix Can Reduce Your Fleet’s Fuel Costs:

1. Minimize Unnecessary Idling

Studies have shown the fleet vehicles burn up to 800 gallons of fuel per year due to unnecessary idling alone, which costs an estimated $2944 per vehicle annually. With FieldLogix fleet GPS, you can receive alerts when vehicles exceed a maximum speed limit.

2. Monitor Driver Speeds

According to the US Dept. of Energy, every 5 mph you drive over 60 mph is like paying an additional $0.29 per gallon for gas. Not only does obeying the speed limit save money, but it also keeps drivers safe. With FieldLogix fleet GPS, you can receive alerts when vehicles exceed a maximum speed limit.

3. Optimize Routing

Drivers who use the most fuel efficient route can save huge amounts time and money. Dispatchers will greatly benefit by significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to setup stops. The company will benefit by greater efficiency, reduced fuel costs, and improved customer service.

4. Eliminate After Hours/Weekend Use

With FieldLogix fleet GPS, you can receive alerts when vehicles enter or exit a restricted area during a specific time period, or when units operate during non-work hours, plus much more.

5. Improve Vehicle Maintenance

The FieldLogix fleet maintenance module provides you with a method to schedule an unlimited number of maintenance reminders. You will receive alerts when your vehicles approach your designated maintenance point and when they pass it. You can schedule alerts based on miles traveled, engine hours and time elapsed.

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