Case Study | Lowering Food Delivery Costs

See how we helped 3 meal delivery companies increase revenue

While evaluating meal delivery options for his company, David Greensmith, president of Essential Meal Delivery, realized the high cost of outsourcing meal delivery. “Uber takes 30% of each order…that’s why I made the choice to use an internal team for deliveries” says Greensmith.

When Ling Wollenschlaeger, CEO of Pittsburgh Fresh, reviewed the cost of partnering with delivery services like UberEats, she also discovered the operational cost of using her own drivers were lower than the well-promoted meal food courier service. “If I used Uber, it would kill my bottom line” she states.  

“Without our own drivers, we would have less control on our delivery,” says Mairene Branham, owner of The Meal Prep company. She adds that her drivers wear uniforms and use vehicles with the corporate logo, which aids in building brand awareness and ultimately growing her customer base.

In an effort to expand their brand while controlling their delivery costs, all three owners use the Goose workforce management solution by FieldLogix. Goose is an innovative cell phone tracking and workforce management app that allows business owners to build optimal routes, dispatch them to their workers, track employees when they clock in and complete their workday, all while sending ETA’s to their waiting clients.