Case Study | Improving Supervision

See how a landscaping business owner enhanced operations

Troy Suhr of Alpine Materials used to have a lot of problems managing his 14 delivery drivers. He would meticulously plan out his drivers’ routes each morning, only to find that they would make unscheduled stops or would take too long at deliveries, which would throw his plans off and leave customers frustrated.

Now that he has FieldLogix, he uses the route planning features to quickly setup his routes and send them directly to his drivers. He can also monitor their locations and stops throughout the day to ensure that they are sticking with his routes. He says, “I like not having to worry about whether or not my employees have made it to a stop, are on the way to a stop, or have left a stop.”

Troy also says, “With FieldLogix, I like being able to see where my employees are at all times without having to call each of them several times throughout the day.”

Overall, Troy believes that FieldLogix has greatly improved his operations and he “likes how it makes planning our business day so much easier.”