Eliminate Wasteful Fuel Habits!

Fleet idling and speeding are often the result of unchecked driver habits that unnecessarily waste fuel. Without a fleet management solution, it is nearly impossible to monitor these wasteful habits in order to take corrective action to curb them.

FieldLogix can show you…

Excessive fleet idling & speeding

Receive alerts when fleet vehicles violate your idling and speeding rules. View your drivers’ idling & speeding habits compared to their peers and view trends over time.

Fleet driver ranking

View how your drivers rank against each other when it comes to wasteful habits such as speeding and idling. See costs associated with excessive idling & speeding.

In fact, according to the Clean Cities Coalition, a 10 vehicle fleet will waste over $7,500 in fuel per year just on idling!

Contact us today to learn more about how FieldLogix can help you eliminate wasteful habits that consume excessive fuel!

“I began utilizing FieldLogix reports when I started and the guys know I am watch them through FieldLogix. This would explain the downward idling trend.” – Eric Geye @ RLH Fire Protection

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