Q1 2024 FieldLogix Feature Enhancements

See our recent enhancements that are based on user feedback

Dash Camera Recordings

dash cameras

Users now have the ability retrieve dash camera recordings within the FieldLogix portal.  This feature gives you the ability to view driving activity for all of your cameras during a specific day and retrieve video footage from the camera’s SD card.  It can be used to view and store footage from accidents and motorist complaints.

Time Clock Updates

We added new enhancements to our mobile time clock. This includes the ability to save payroll ID’s for each employee and an updated summary report that shows total work hours.  This gives you the ability to export our time clock records into your payroll system of choice.

Goose User Permissions

goose permissions

Users now have the ability to set feature permissions for drivers using the Goose app.  The drivers’ ability to access our time clock, dispatching feature, and vehicle inspection forms can be turned on and off by the admin users.  To update your drivers’ settings, log into the FieldLogix web portal and go to Settings > Manage Drivers, and edit your drivers.

New Plug & Play Device

gps plug & play device

We recently integrated the Geometris plug & play GPS tracking device.  In addition to the same capabilities as our existing Suntech Plug & Play tracker, the new tracker is compatible with heavy-duty vehicles, includes a driver buzzer alert (for speeding & aggressive driving events), and offers additional diagnostics monitoring capabilities.  We will continue to offer our standard Suntech Plug & Play tracker and will provide the new Geometris tracker upon request.

Notification Profile Enhancement


Users now have the ability to select entire groups of vehicles to add to a notification profile.  This streamlines the process of adding vehicles to notification profiles.  To update the settings, go to Settings > Manage Notifications and create a profile, or edit an existing one.

Speeding Report Update


The speeding report now displays speeds in KPH to support our international customers.  While reviewing the report, users will now see vehicles speeds and posted street speeds in KPH in addition to MPH.

User Experience Updates


We made several user experience updates to eliminate any potential confusion by our users. We also made several updates to address unexpected issues that could occur under certain circumstances.

Notification Reports

We corrected an issue that would cause the notification report to be very slow to load or not load at all.

Mileage by State Report

We eliminated the date picker restriction for the Mileage by State report, allowing users to go back further than 90 days to run the report.

Notifications Report – Speeds

We resolved an issue where maximum speed violations were displaying as “buffer speed” in the Notifications report.

Landmarks Reporting

We resolved an issue that would fail to document landmark entries and exits when vehicles were entering and exiting landmarks that are inside of larger landmarked areas.

Notification Widget

We resolved an issue that would prevent the notification widget from clearing new notification alerts after the widget is clicked.


Dispatch Feature Updates

Goose Plan Improvements

We made several improvements to how vehicles with Goose dispatching + GPS Tracking + Camera plans are displayed in the portal reports and drop downs.  Previously, some reports would not display vehicles assigned to plans that include Goose dispatching or dash cameras.

Dispatch View – Search Location

We corrected an issue in the search location widget that would cause “required field” tool tips to display when the map automatically refreshes.

Dash Camera Feature Updates

Dash Camera Accounts

We resolved a login issue related to our dash camera integration for accounts with dash cameras.  In this case, the site would take an extended amount of time for users to log in.

Dash Camera Events

We improved the reliability of the Dash Camera events report to ensure that all cell phone use events are displayed.


Upcoming Releases

We are continuing to make enhancements to our driver scorecard feature, including a new scoring method that gives admin users more control of the scores and improved graphs. We are also in the process of enhancing our Wennsoft integration.

We are always seeking input and if you have any suggestions regarding our features, please email them to support@fieldlogix.com.