Why you should invest in fleet technologies

In order to increase the productivity of your fleet while also ensuring that all the vehicles are properly maintained and utilized, businesses involved in fleets need to examine the implementation of an effective fleet management program that will create the needed efficiencies. Fleet tracking systems should include the following core areas in order to be considered as a comprehensive solution:

  • Fuel Cost Management – the most critical aspect of fuel management is your drivers’ behavior. They are the ones who can control fuel consumption every time they start the vehicle!  Proper training, which the fleet tracking system should include, can improve fuel efficiency and emissions. Hard acceleration, speeding and excessive idling are the biggest causes of fuel waste.
  • Repair and Maintenance – fleet maintenance is an essential part of fleet management systems. A proper fleet management solution sends fleet managers alerts reminding them of upcoming  repairs and maintenance required on each vehicle, making it easier for you to keep track of the maintenance schedule and ensure all vehicles are being serviced regularly.
  • Utilization – a fleet tracking system should provide you with  insights into how your vehicles and equipment are being used, how often, and what is their exact location. Poor vehicle utilisation can result in wasting money on buying unnecessary new equipment and also you may miss potential business opportunities because you think you don’t have the resources to take on additional work.
  • Better Customer Service – A real-time GPS fleet management system should allow you to remotely view the delivery status and real-time location of all vehicles. Your dispatcher can then provide accurate responses to customer queries regarding the schedule of their work.
  • Increased productivity – a fleet management system we have described here should then also help you increase your daily number of jobs by making your fleet operations more efficient. You should be able to create more efficient routes which means assign the next job to the driver who is the closest to the site and you can also provide the driver with the shortest or most direct route thus saving time, resources and fuel costs.

Source: http://www.technologyspectator.com.au/five-reasons-better-fleet-tech


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