Walmart Most Searched Business With GPS Device Says TeleNav Survey

gps navigation deviceWalmart (NYSE: WMT) is the most searched business by Americans with a GPS navigation device. More people search for Walmart on their GPS than any other business in the USA, according to a recent survey by TeleNav, one of the nation’s biggest wireless location-based services providers. As a matter of fact, the GPS system searches for Walmart were more than double the number of searches conducted for second place, retailer Target.

According the the TeleNav GPS System Study, the most searched businesses in the US are:

1. Walmart

2. Target

3. Starbucks

4. Best Buy

5. Chase Bank

The survey is used to identify trends in GPS system searches. Results from this year’s analysis suggest that people continue to rely on mobile GPS navigation technology to guide them along the roads of America, avoid traffic, and help them find their favorite destinations on the go.

The Telenav GPS study also revealed that some areas depend on GPS navigation more than others. TeleNav’s usage data for the entire 2010 year indicates that residents of Washington, D.C. were the most frequent users of GPS guidance, using the technology for nearly three times as many trips per month than residents of Montana, the state with the least frequent mobile GPS users.

The GPS Study also revealed that the number one city in America for GPS usage is:

1. Los Angeles

2. Dallas

3. Chicago

4. Houston

5. Atlanta






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