Walmart Introduces Its Concept Hybrid Fleet Vehicle

Walmart plans to double fleet efficiency by 2015 and has revealed its new concept truck and trailer called the Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience–or WAVE. The new fleet vehicle is a collaboration between Capstone Turbine, Great Dane Trailers, and Peterbilt.

The WAVE is a “prototype advanced turbine-powered, range-extending series hybrid powertrain (or microturbine-hybrid powertrain) combined with an electric motor and battery storage system,” according to Walmart.

The concept fleet vehicle utilizes a centered driver’s seat, full-sized sleeper, sliding driver’s door, advanced aerodynamics, and an electronic dash with performance data. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely WAVE will be on the road in the near future. In the mean time, the tractors Walmart is adding to its fleet in 2014 are 12% more efficient than their current tractors and will save an estimated $40 million.

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