Vehicle Tracking Telematics Systems Can Save Your Fleet Money

vehicle tracking gps systemVehicle Tracking Telematics-enabled GPS Systems of today (2010) offer much more than just real-time GPS location-based data. The most important thing for fleet management is saving money. Considering today’s tough economic times, it’s important to run a business as efficiently as possible.

Vehicle Tracking can help you reduce operating expenses while increasing the number of service calls you complete each day. As telematics technology has matured, fleets are now starting to understand the value of the data you can get from telematics and are moving away from just location-based information.

Fleet managers can use telematics-enabled vehicle tracking fleet GPS systems to reduce a fleet’s operating costs in several different ways. Many fleets save money from being able to record accurate time sheets, stopping unnecessary journeys and recognizing and stopping drivers taking long routes.

Another way fleet management can save money is by analyzing driver behavior. Improving driver behavior can not only make a business more efficient but it can also lead to lower fuel bills and maintenance costs, fewer accidents, higher residual values, improved customer service and a reduced carbon footprint.

Fleet tracking systems provide insight into how a fleet vehicle is being driven, any faults that are occurring in real time and can even track vehicle O2 emissions.  This detailed information enables fleet management to obtain a more accurate reading of fuel consumption, the vehicle’s overall condition and to gauge who the better and poorer drivers are on their fleet.  Using this information, fleet managers can offer training to the drivers that need it the most.

Vehicle Tracking GPS Systems can:

  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Lower overtime pay
  • Increase profits
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Improve dispatching
  • Improve customer service
  • Eliminate personal use of vehicles

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