University Closed for Fraud, Students Forced to Wear GPS Tracking Devices

Tri-Valley University was recently shut down by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) due to alleged fraud by the University Founder, Susan Su. Tri-Valley University is being called a sham by federal prosecutors who say the university was a front to illegally provide immigration status to foreign nationals.

Over 90% of Tri-Valley University students are from India.  Many of  the students are now being forced to wear GPS tracking devices around their ankles so that US authorities can use GPS to track their location.

Officials from India have spoken to the US State Department and other concerned US officials, and the Indian media is quite upset over the situation. Indian external affairs minister S.M. Krishna called it “inhuman” that the US was making Indian students wear a GPS tracking system and demanded action against American authorities who had ordered it.

State Department spokesman P J Crowley has, however, said GPS tracking devices are used across the US as part of a standard procedure for a variety of investigations and that this does not necessarily imply guilt or suspicion of criminal activity. “Those who are involved in this investigation have been issued GPS tracking ankle monitors. This is widespread across the United States and standard procedure for a variety of investigations. It does not necessarily imply guilt or suspicion of criminal activity,” he said.

In a court filing, the university, and its founder, Susan Su, are accused of an elaborate scheme to defraud the students. The U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency has filed a motion in U.S. district court to forfeit the property identified as owned by Ms. Su.  She allegedly purchased the real estate by using the tuition and fees of the students.

Crowley said the ICE has established a helpline for the Indian students affected by the closure of the university.

Tri-Valley University is a Christian University located in Pleasanton, CA and had a very large population of online students.

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