Trolley GPS Tracking Eases Travels

Trolley GPS Tracking Eases Travels

In mid-April, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock launched a GPS tracking system allowing students, faculty, and staff to track the campus’ Trojan Trolleys as the traverse their routes. The new tracking system allows riders to know exactly where the trolleys are located as the make their rounds.

With a free Android or iPhone app, internet, or text, riders can now get real-time data of where each campus trolley is en route to each of the scheduled stops. To use text messaging to locate the trolleys, riders can determine when the trolley will arrive at their stop by txting the ID of the stop to 41411.

“Each trolley stop has been assigned an ID. Text this ID to 41411 and you’ll receive a text letting you know when the next trolley will arrive,” said Peter Stuckey, associate director of the Office of Information Technology Services.

Providing real-time data is more accurate than the set schedule because it accounts for traffic delays, maintenance issues, or other unforeseen delays.  This new program helps riders utilize the University’s on-campus transportation system more efficiently and effectively.

The service is provided by Ride Systems, which is a transit information systems company that helps bus fleets maximize use with GPS tracking, passenger counting, and maintenance recording.

Source: University of Arkansas at Little Rock

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