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For any serious golfer, a GPS system is an absolute must. Bubba Watson used a Motorola golf GPS system when he won the 2012 Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia on April 8th, reported The Examiner. Bubba Watson has made a name for himself overnight after winning the 2012 Masters Golf Tournament. His game was inspiring that day, and so was his story as a down-to-earth player who never took a formal golf lesson in his life.

GPS systems for golf have come a long way since a 2005 decision by the USGA made them legal for tournament play. With so many choices out there today, it can be hard to tell which one’s right for your game. So, here is a list of some of the best GPS systems on the market from Motorola, Garmin, Callaway, Bushnell, Golfbuddy, and Sonocaddie.

motorola golf GPS system1) The cutting edge MOTOACTV golf GPS system Watson used sells for $299.99 on It allows golfers to track and measure various aspects of their golf game. You can play up to 20,000 courses globally and see your distance to the front, center and back of green, as well as distance to the hazards—all from your wrist. No more fumbling with phone apps, or rummaging through your bag.

MOTOACTV keeps track of your scorecards and keeps count of the fairways hit, the number of putts taken and even the greens in regulation that you hit. It also contains the PAR information for all your favorite courses.

garmin golf gps system2) Garmin has not disappointed with their latest offering, the Garmin Approach G6. The Garmin Approach G6 Golf GPS is one of the finest aids to supercharge your golf game in an instant, reported  Golf Web Guide. Boasting some of the best golf GPS reviews online, this unit is durable, featuring sturdy, entirely waterproof construction and a 3″ touch-screen display.

The Garmin GPS system has no recurring fees to pay, and offers a vast array of pre-programmed maps plus additional maps on the official product website. You can save your scores between a maximum of four golfers and keep them for as long as you like; monitor your progress by looking over your scores to spot stagnation, decline or improvement over time. and

3) The Sonocaddie V300 Color GPS System is a low priced device with a color LCD screen and full features to rival the best golf GPS brand, Garmin. Complete with precision shot and hole distance measurements, position measurements and detailed course specifics, the V300 has the potential to skyrocket your golf game to the next level, all within the rules, of course. Benefit from near-instant satellite recognition via a 14 channel GPS receiver with accuracy that even the military would be proud of.

4) The Neo+ Bushnell Golf Range Finder is one of the best golf GPS systems for golfers who want a fully functional range finder, but don’t want all the frills of a color display. The Neo+ will perform all the tasks that a high-end Garmin golf GPS might do, at less than half the cost.

Added to that is 16,000 pre-installed, auto-recognised courses for absolutely no annual fees, and the Neo+ begins to look more and more like a savior to players who want a small range finder to clip to their belt instead of the much larger Garmin models. The Neo+ Bushnell Golf Range Finder can find all the various distances required for a sure, accurate swing, including front, middle and rear of the course, as well as the sand, water, trees and other undesirable areas of the course.

5) Costing far less upfront than most golf of the best golf GPS range finders on the market, the Sky Caddie SG3.5 is definitely a candidate for those golfers who still want a full color LCD range finder, but who don’t want to pay astronomical prices. The Sky Caddie SG3.5 can be found heavily discounted at selected online stores and as a result can potentially be found for under $150, one of the cheapest prices in the color LCD golf GPS category.

Not only does the Sky Caddie SG3.5V, but it also contains the SkyCaddie patented ‘IntelliGreen’ and ‘IntelliGreen Pro’ technology which gives you access to statistics and views of the green that aren’t possible with many other GPS range finders. If that wasn’t enough, SkyCaddie’s QuickVue fully complements IntelliGreen by providing vital distances and ideal pathways from the start to the end of the course. Such cutting edge, completely legitimate technology truly allows the golfer to supercharge his/her game.

6) Rivalled only by Garmin and perhaps Callaway GPS range finders, the Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS is an invaluable aid to any serious golfing enthusiast. No more blind shots or hesitant swings: With the Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS Range Finder you will be able to see precisely the distance you have hit every single shot, and the screen is completely visible in even the brightest of sunlight.

What’s more, you will find yourself right at home on the course with high-res, pre-loaded, automatically recognised courses ranging in the thousands, plus multiplayer scoreboards as well as nearly instant satellite lock-on, the World Platinum could well be the only Golf GPS / Range Finder you will ever need.

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