Top 3 Fleet Management Safety Driving Tips

According to driving safety experts, the average vehicle crash costs an employer more than $16,000. When the incident involves an employee injury, that figure spikes to $74,000, then up to $500,000 if there is a fatality. However, most auto accidents are preventable. Here are some easy to implement driving tips that all fleet management can use.

1. Fleet management communication with drivers and training. A good safety driving initiative requires the involvement of owners and top managers as well as drivers and other employees. Driver safety training and communication should be provided on an ongoing basis. Even experienced drivers benefit from repeated training and reminders. A driver reward and incentive program can help make safe driving part of your business culture. Employees should understand that safe driving behavior affects the bottom line.

2. Fleet management should have written policies and standard operating procedures, signed by all drivers. A comprehensive, and enforceable set of traffic safety policies should be created and shared with all employees. OSHA and its safe driving partners recommend establishing a contract with all employees who drive for work, whether they operate a company vehicle or their own. In signing an agreement, fleet management and the employee acknowledges awareness and understanding of traffic safety policies, procedures, and expectations.

3. Vehicle maintenance and inspections. Accidents can be prevented with measures such as selecting, maintaining, and routinely inspecting company vehicles. Businesses should consider the safety of all vehicles and should provide cars vehicles with modern safety features. Drivers should always make sure that the equipment is working properly and notify fleet management if equipment or features are not working properly.

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