TomTom Launches Fleet Tracking System in Australia

An all-new fleet tracking and fleet management system was launched last week in Australia by GPS giant TomTom (AMSTERDAM: TOM2.AS). Fleet managers in Australia can now improve the efficiency of their on-the-road operations with easy to use fleet tracking products and web tools that benefit management, dispatchers and their mobile workforce.

Fleet management systems have been proven to help businesses optimize their fleet’s performance. In fact, most managers see a huge difference in cost savings within days of purchasing a new GPS fleet tracking system. To see how fleet tracking can save your company time and money, CLICK HERE.

A fleet tracking  system helps businesses with a commercial fleet better manage some of today’s most pressing challenges including driver safety, fuel efficiency and compliance. TomTom’s WorkSmart fleet tracking solutions include professional navigation, traffic avoidance, vehicle tracking, job dispatch, time management, environmental responsibility and management reporting.

It’s so much easier to manage your fleet from the office when all your vehicles have a tracking solution on board. A GPS fleet tracking system lets you see at a glance who’s on the move, where they’re heading and the speed they’re traveling. You can monitor the location of cars and vans and send the nearest available driver to a new job. And set up your own geo-fences to trigger particular actions when a virtual line is crossed.

Tracking fleet vehicles with GPS easily prevents excessive idling, speeding and personal vehicle use. It also helps to improve routing and helps the average fleet reduce fuel costs by 13%. To see how fleet tracking can save your company time and money, CLICK HERE.

The TomTom fleet tracking and management division currently has more than 10,000 customers, monitoring a total fleet of 143,000 vehicles in Europe, United States, South Africa and now Australia. This business represented 5 percent of TomTom revenue (€13.2 million) in the first quarter of 2011.

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