The City of San Francisco Begins Tracking Fleet Vehicles To Save Money and Reduce Negligent Employee Behavior

A recent article in the San Francisco Examiner states that the City is beginning to track its city-owned fleet vehicles in order to reduce costs and negligent employee behavior. The City plans to eventually reduce the number of vehicles in its fleet, once enough data has been gathered and analyzed. “We continue to do our best to reduce the fleet in this city,” Mayor Gavin Newsom said at his June 2010 budget meeting. “We still have too many cars under management. And we are going to dramatically decrease the number of vehicles in this system.” The City’s fleet has nearly2,700 vehicles total, including 1600 passenger cars. If you include other types of equipment such as trailers, vans and trucks, the fleet has approximately 6,900 vehicles.

The City will now be monitoring vehicle usage – including mileage, gas and time running. The data collected will also help to ensure proper vehicle maintenance and to reduce more expensive repairs in the future. The program is expected to be fully operational by the end of the year.  San Francisco is following the footsteps of other cities such as New York City and Portland, who have already started successfully managing their fleets.

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