Telematics Industry About To Enter New Growth Phase, According to IMS Research

IMS Research  recently predicted that the telematics industry is about to enter a new, dynamic growth phase. The report, “The World Market for OE In-Vehicle Telematics Systems”, predicts that all major auto manufacturers will sell an increasing proportion of their vehicles with these systems over the next ten years. Worldwide, the percentage of new vehicles equipped with telematics is forecast to grow from 9% in 2009 to 46% in 2017.

IMS Research defines telematics as integrated, two-way data communications between the vehicle and an outside network that is associated with vehicle location.  Applications driving the increase of factory-fitted telematics include emergency calling, stolen vehicle tracking, and Internet access. According to report author, Jon Cropley, “In-vehicle internet access could lead to a wide range of interesting new services. Examples include weather reports or parking information for your destination, remote diagnostic information or even having your emails read aloud to you while driving”. Globally, IMS Research forecasts that the number of new vehicles with internet access will grow from 1.1 million in 2009 to 6.0 million in 2017. The report estimates that General Motors sold the most vehicles with factory-fitted telematics systems globally in 2009 at 2.2 million vehicles.

About IMS: IMS Research is a supplier of market research and consultancy services on a wide range of global electronics markets. IMS Research regularly publishes detailed research on automotive electronics.

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