Stolen Cash With a Hidden GPS Tracking System Leads FBI to Bank Robber

The FBI says a robbery suspect managed to get away with cash from a suburban Chicago bank, but he also got something he hadn’t bargained for — a GPS tracking system. The robbery suspect was arrested after police monitored  his movements through a GPS tracking system hidden with cash he stole from a bank, according to officials.

After a man walked into a local Chicago Bank of America branch, he spoke with a bank teller and then handed the bank employee a note that said he wanted her to hand over a bag of cash. Not wanting to escalate the situation, the bank teller placed a bunch of cash into a bag and handed the money to the bank robber. However, the quick-thinking bank teller also placed a GPS tracking system in the bag, allowing police to follow the cash in real-time.

Police were able to follow him because a GPS tracking system had been placed in a money pack. The FBI says Evanston police officers learned that a GPS tracking system had been included with the money allegedly taken by Brown. They used the signal emitted by the device to track him to Chicago.

The bank robbery suspect, as well as another person in the vehicle, were taken into custody by authorities. The cash taken from the heist was recovered, as was a fake handgun, officials said.

The FBI alleges that the thief made off with about $4,000.



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