Stamford Company Brings Real-Time GPS System to Golf Course


Arccos, a Stamford-based company, is marketing what it claims is the first real-time GPS system for golf.

Sal Syed, CEO of Arccos, believes this stat-tracking system can answer golfers’ immediate questions, such as what club should be used next or how far their last shot went. “We offer a true analytics package, and understand that we have to get out of the way of the golfer,” Syed said.

The new system consists of 14 sensors screwed into the grip end of a club (they make no difference to the weight or feel of the golf clubs). The sensors pair with a smartphone app that has a database of 16,000 U.S. courses. Last year, Arccos closed a deal with Callaway to license the company’s golf sensor technology.

Golf enthusiasts can purchase the system at the Apple store, as well as other golf outlets, for $399.



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