Smart Bike Uses GPS Tracking to Give Directions and Track Rides

A new kickstarter campaign is hoping to raise around $91,000 to fund Valour, a bike that utilizes GPS tracking to give directions, track rides, and alert the rider to passing cars.

The bike’s key features require a connection to the corresponding smart phone app. The app stores riding data and set up routes for which the bike will give directions. Small LEDs light up on the right or left handle bar to signal the direction the rider needs to turn as it approaches. If there are multiple Valours in the area, riders can share information with each other over the network like pot holes and bumpy roads.

The bike can also sense when a car is too close to the rear wheel and will vibrate the right or left handlebar to alert the biker. Energy created by cycling powers the sensors. Pricing for the Valour starts around $910.


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