San Bernardino Receives Canine Video & GPS Vests


The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s Bloodhound K9 Tracking Unit will now be utilizing two customized GPS canine vests donated by Universal Surveillance Systems LLC.

Each vest is equipped with GPS that tracks the canines every moment during training and suspect apprehensions while also recording and transmitting audio and video. The cameras can record up to one and a half hours of HD video, take as many as 3,000 photos via remote control, and are waterproof up to 30 feet making them ideal for any terrain.

Law enforcement can control the camera and monitor live audio and video on a laptop or smartphone. Sensors on the vest also indicate if the canine is barking, running, or sitting.

The vests have become an essential part of training by allowing law enforcement to review footage in detail and focus on areas of improvement ultimately leading to a more effective team.

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