Rescuers Use GPS Tracking System To Find Injured Man Lost in Wilderness

GPS Tracking System Helps To Saves A Man’s Life

Last week an experienced prospector ventured out into a remote part of Western Australia’s Pilbara region. Several hours into the journey, the man was severely injured. After a bad fall, the 53-year old man realized he had broken his leg. He could not walk and was unable to put any weight on his leg.

Without cellphone service and very little to eat or drink, the man began crawling back to his car across the rocky terrain. Desperate to get out of the life-threatening situation, the man crawled miles back to his car  and alerted the authorities with his cell phone, which now had a signal. He then used the GPS tracking system in his car to notify and direct rescuers to his location.

Police said a local man in the area was sent to search for him, but could only get to within 2km of the coordinates.

Rescuers gave the man first aid and drove him to an ambulance who transported him to a local hospital. He is expected to make a full recovery.

A police spokesman said, ”This incident serves as a reminder of how vital equipment such as GPS tracking systems, emergency beacons and satellite phones are when traveling in remote areas.”

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