Reduce Stress by Reducing Distracted Driving

According to a U.S. Department of Transportation report, 20% of all car accidents are linked to drivers being distracted. Between mobile phones, eating, looking at maps, and the plethora of other on-the-road distractions, drivers’ attention has several demands. This type of behavior puts your driver at more than 23% risk of being involved in an accident. Fleet managers can mitigate this risk by installing a GPS Tracking device that includes traffic navigation and dispatching functions that reduces driver’s distractions. Providing audio, turn-by-turn traffic routing avoids the need to read a map, allowing a driver to focus on driving. Dispatching abilities send new stops directly to the GPS tracking device, preventing calling or sending text messages to a driving employee. This reduces behind-the-wheel stress and alleviates the need for additional risky behaviors. .

Although these two additional features may cost more per month than a basic GPS tracking service subscription, as a fleet manager, one should compare the increased expense to the dollar value of accident reduction and keeping employees safe.

Source: Graphic: Harris Interactive via Automotive Fleet

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