Parkhouse Tire Selects FieldLogix To Improve Fleet Maintenance

Parkhouse Tire Uses FieldLogix To Improve Fleet Maintenance and Enhance Employee Supervision

For the past two years, Parkhouse Tire has been successfully using FieldLogix, an industry leading GPS fleet tracking system. The company has been expanding their fleet and recently doubled the number of FieldLogix devices installed in their vehicles.

Parkhouse Tire Fleet Manager, Joe Guerrero, said “I like the ability to see where vehicles are, where they have been, and how many miles each vehicle has been driven… I’ve been given ‘bologna’ by past employees who claimed to have started their day at a certain time but actually started later. Monitoring employees makes them more accountable.”

The FieldLogix fleet tracking system improves supervision of your employees, vehicles and other mobile assets by giving you instant access to their real-time location and status. Monitoring your drivers helps you vastly decrease employee costs and time card abuse. According to an Aberdeen fleet tracking study, GPS fleet tracking saves an average of $5,484 per employee annually.

Guerrero also said, “I like being able to stay on top of the maintenance of all our vehicles. Before we had a fleet tracking system it was tough making sure the vehicles were being properly maintained.”

FieldLogix offers dozens of valuable tools that help you take control of your fleet. One such tool is our vehicle flexible maintenance reminder module.

The maintenance module provides you with a method to schedule an unlimited number of maintenance reminders. You will receive alerts when your vehicles approach your designated maintenance point and when they pass it. You can schedule alerts based on miles traveled, engine hours and time elapsed.

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