Nissan is Doubling its Electric Fleet

Nissan is preparing to double the size of its electric fleet as demand for the LEAF and e-NV200 continues to rise worldwide. Because of the high demand, Nissan has actually increased the number of electric vehicle specialists for the public sector to handle the growing market desire.

The new National EV Manager, Karl Anders,  says the public sector is facing extreme pressure to reduce exponentially growing budgets and improve air quality through fleet vehicles.

“On top of this,” Anders says, “the way many of these organizations are being restructured and travel requirements are changing means travel costs are going through the roof. Grey fleet, where staff uses their own private cars for business travel, is being relied upon much more and that’s usually pretty horrific both in terms of costs of travel, driver safety and emissions.”

He believes one of Nissan’s electric fleet vehicles could be the solution many companies are looking for.

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