The start of the New Year brings exciting resolutions to help improve every type of lifestyle. While setting these goals, it is also important to include strategic resolutions in our professional lives. Focusing on both personal and professional growth improves the likelihood for a successful year, especially as a business.  To make 2017 successful, here are the top 5 resolutions to check-off:

  • Drop what is not working and move on
    This can have multiple meanings. Whether it’s an employee that is underperforming or a product that isn’t selling, you need to evaluate what isn’t working in your company and make adjustments. Now is the time to cut the losses and move your business forward to be successful in 2017.
  • Set more realistic, attainable goals
    It’s okay to shoot for the stars, but in business to reach the main dream goal, it is important to set more realistic goals that are attainable within the next year in order to drive your company forward towards achieving that dream goal.
  • Learn how to delegate and do it more often
    As a business professional, you have a lot of responsibilities and while some things may feel easier if you take the extra time to do it yourself, this is not always efficient. Learn to delegate more tasks out to employees to lighten your load and focus on the important stuff. This could also include finding new technologies to help automate daily work processes to lighten your load.
  • Attend more industry events or join a networking group
    There are many benefits from meeting new people, especially those in your industry.Making an effort to meet new contacts in your field will provide you with many new opportunities to check out your competition as well as meet potential clients and business contacts which could bring a lot of success to your company in the future.
  • Invest in yourself and learn at least one new skill you can use in your professional life
    Taking the time out of your hectic work schedule is important, especially when it comes to learning something new. This year make the time to learn something new, tackle something you’re afraid of or work on an area of weakness and use this to benefit your professional career. It just might help you out in your personal life too!

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