New GPS Device Helps Reduce Slow Play on the Golf Course

Tagmarshal Golf GPS Device
If you’re a little pokey on the green—beware—there’s a new product out designed to monitor the speed at which each foursome plays.

The product itself is a tiny GPS device designed by South African company Tagmarshal that chaperones each group as they play.  Each four-ball is marked with a GPS and every 20 to 30 seconds it sends information back to the pro shop or clubhouse. The data collected essentially allows the system to learn the course and determine at what pace is should be played. It is then able to track each four-ball as players move along the course and if it identifies a group not playing at an appropriate speed or causing a bottleneck on the course the system sends out an alert.

Once an alert has been sent out, a marshal can notify the behind-schedule group and ask that they speed up their game.

Several golf courses in South Africa have been using the product since March and it is schedule for U.S. release on October 1.



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