Mobile Time-Clock on iOS and Android for Goose


FieldLogix is excited to announce the newest feature on our mobile app, Hey Goose! In an effort to help companies grow and better manage labor costs, the mobile time-clock is now available for the iPhone! Now, every employee can use both Android and iPhone smartphones to report their “On-Duty,” and “Off-Duty” statuses.

With this user-friendly feature, drivers have the ability to update their status and view how long they have been working. There are other helpful options such as the ability to review clock in history records, the time of the last status change, and reminders when drivers have been clocked in for over 4 hours. The administrators can review and export a web report that displays the time and location for each clock in and clock out events, shift durations, as well as any associated notes from the drivers.

The Hey Goose! Time Clock is available for FREE for all of 2017!!

For questions or training on any features, please contact us at or at (888) 803-0200.

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