Military Gets New Navigation Weapon

Military equipment that rely upon GPS navigation can be misled if enemies jam or spoof the GPS signal by blocking or sending erroneous signal data. BAE Systems has developed a new navigation system that can circumvent GPS tracking jammers or spoofers by scavenging electronic signals from the air to figure out locations. The new system can use the hundreds of different TV, WiFi, cell phone towers currently existing to triangulate an entity’s location. Even signals emitted from the GPS jamming devices can be used to help locate a person or place.

BAE’s Navigation via Signals of Opportunity (NAVSOP) technology could prevent jamming or hacking of military weapons and vehicles. “This technology is a real game-changer when it comes to navigation, which builds upon the rich heritage that both BAE Systems and the U.K. have in radio engineering,” said James Baker, managing director at BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre.

Because the system also works indoors and underground, in addition to the military applications, fire fighters, search and rescue teams, and miners or spelunkers could use this. Using any electronic signal in the air also means that it could work in remote areas, out of reach of satellite signals that GPS tracking devices use.

Source: Image courtesy of Flickr, The U.S. Army

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